Principal Investigator


Dr. S.G.S. Swamy



Rs. 10.70 Lakhs

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All the State Councils are implementing many projects / programmes with distinct features of Science and Technology to mitigate the local area problems and requirements. But, a few stand out because of their innovative approach with regard to the local need identification, choice of suitable technology, appropriate scaling, technology modification, economic sustainability, optimum usage of local resources and emphasis on up gradation of artisanal skills and capabilities. In this context, it has been realized to document the successful technologies developed by the different S & T Councils & share them across the state councils and other agencies / NGO for its wider appreciation and adoption in other regions to ultimately benefit the target community.

Considering the expertise available at KSCST, DST-GOI has sanctioned this project. KSCST has now initiated the project with the collection / collation of the information on various technologies from all the State Councils and compile them for facilitation of Science and Technology intervention for solving rural problems and take up similar projects for implementation.

The Council had prepared a format for collection of various information from the State Councils and on different Technologies developed by them for the benefit of the society. Further, KSCST team may visit few State Councils to witness the various innovative technologies developed by the other Councils and capture more details for presentation in the report.








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