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Rainwater Harvesting Helpdesk




Government of Karnataka realized the importance of harvesting rainwater and as a first step through BWSSB, RWH has been made mandatory for most of the properties in Bangalore effective from November 2009.

  • KSCST with the support of BWSSB has established RWH Helpdesk at KSCST in Indian Institute of Science campus and also at Rainwater Harvesting theme park in Jayanagar Bangalore. This 1.5 acre park on 40th Cross in Jayanagar V Block, demonstrates all techniques of harvesting rainwater. It has 26 working models on rainwater harvesting, ground water recharge and water conservation. The Theme park established by KSCST is the first of its kind in the country, to address frequently asked questions on rainwater harvesting, water collecting systems, filtration and storage systems and groundwater recharge methods.

  • The helpdesk primarily aims at training the stake holders such as architects, engineers, contractors, plumbers, masons, etc within Bangalore city through several Training Programmes. Awareness Camps are arranged to bring in awareness among the general public regarding Rainwater Harvesting. Information on technical details of RWH and ground water recharge are being provided at RWH helpdesk for those who visit KSCST or contact through telephone, web and email.

  • Skill development programme to train Architects, Engineers and Plumbing contractors for hands on training and rainwater harvesting project planning are being conducted every month. Since inception 71 training programmes are conducted till date and around 1,800 trained personals are offering their services.

  • People seeking assistance regarding Rainwater Harvesting (RWH) visit RWH helpdesk at KSCST regularly. Around 20,100 students and teachers from 331 schools and 2,850 students and lecturers from 109 colleges in and around Bengaluru visited Helpdesk at Sir M Visvesvaraiah Rainwater Harvesting Theme Park, Jayanagar. Over 33,000 people have visited RWH helpdesks at KSCST and RWH Themepark till date. They are given practical demonstration with the working models and RWH system at KSCST office by the helpdesk engineers. Feedback from the visitors to the Helpdesk are being collected regularly and analysed for improving the effectiveness of the programme.

  • Phone-in queries regarding RWH are being attended appropriately through the helpline numbers: 080 23341652, 080 23348848, 080 23348849 and 080 26653666 at Jayanagar. RWH Theme Park. Around 3000 queries are answered by helpdesk engineers. Various types of questions are convincingly answered. Citizens are also helped to get the contacts of respective plumbers and contractors in their area who execute RWH works. Emails and web enquiries are answered regularly.

  • Print and electronic media (News papers, TV, Radio etc.) presented several articles in concern with RWH and RWH Helpdesk activities.

  • RWH helpdesk at KSCST has emerged as one stop solution and an effort of the Council to conserve water in the city of Bangalore. Rainwater Harvesting is one of the prioritized projects of KSCST and an important measure to mitigate water scarcity and augment existing water supply.

 Monthly Progress of RWH Helpdesk



Dr. U. T. Vijay

Chief Scientific Officer and Principal Investigator - RWH

Karnataka State Council for Science and Technology (KSCST)

Indian Institute of Science Campus, Bengaluru - 560 012


Phone : 080 2334 1652, 2334 8848, 2334 8849


E-mail :,




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