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47th series of Student Project Proposal: 2023-24

Important Dates:

Commencement of Submission of Proposals via Google Form

1st December 2023

Last date for Submission of Proposals via Google Form

20th February 2024, 5.30 PM

Announcement of Selected Proposals for Sponsorship

March / April 2024

Midterm Evaluation of Sponsored Projects (Online Mode)

May - June 2024

Synopsis & Final Project Report submission through Google Form

May - June 2024

Seminar and Exhibition of Selected Projects

July / August 2024

Instructions for Submission of Project Proposal

The project proposal for the 47th series of the Student Project Programme (SPP) shall be applied by Google Forms only. Do not send the hard copy of the proposal. Submission of project proposals in any other mode will not be accepted.


1.The project proposals are accepted from the institutions / Universities established with in the state of Karnataka.

2. Students studying in the final year B.E., B. Arch., M. Tech, M.Sc., M.Sc./M. Tech (Agriculture), M.B.A. and M.C.A. are eligible to apply. A team of a maximum of four students is allowed.

3. The project shall have a maximum of two guides.

4. Each team allowed to submit only one project proposal.

5. A student shall not be associated with more than one project.

6. The project proposals must be submitted with attestation from the Project Guide and HOD / The Principal of the institution.

Processing Fee:

1. Payment of processing fee of Rs. 1000/- (inclusive of GST) per project shall be made by NEFT / UPI payment mode.

2. The bank account details of KSCST are available for download from the website.

3. Project proposals will not be considered for evaluation without processing fees.

 4. The Processing fee paid is non-refundable and non-transferable irrespective of the selection / rejection of the project proposal.

Instructions to the Institutions:

1.  The institute shall nominate a faculty as the SPP Co-ordinator with whom KSCST can interact regarding the activities of the 47th series of SPP.

2. The number of proposals submission from each institution is restricted to a maximum of only 20 proposals per branch.

3. The concerned faculty shall initially scrutinize the project proposals, conduct in-house evaluation of projects and then submit the best project proposals for support.

4. Shall create an email id specifically for SPP and circulate among the students, SPP coordinator of the institute. The email id shall be mentioned in the SPP coordinator details in the proposal and Google Forms.

5. All circulars and information will be communicated to SPP coordinator via same email id. SPP coordinator shall use the same id to communicate with KSCST.

6. KSCST is not responsible for non-receipt of any communication due to a wrong email ID provided in the Google Form.

7. The amount sanctioned will be transferred to the account furnished by the institute. The details regarding the same will be announced on the website.

8. In the event of in-completion of the project, the institute shall refund the sanctioned amount to the Secretary, KSCST, Indian Institute of Science Campus, Bengaluru - 560 012. (Bank details given in the Project Proposal format)

Role of SPP Coordinator:

1. The SPP coordinator shall communicate with KSCST, institution and students in the entire process of SPP.

2. Shall make sure the projects submitted by the students are as per the guidelines specified by KSCST and are submitted on time.

3. The SPP Coordinator shall prepare and send the consolidated list of projects applied under 47th series to KSCST duly signed by the principal on or before 26th February 2024. The List shall include Project title, Branch, Guide and Students Name.

4. Once the project gets selected and sponsored, the SPP coordinators shall make sure the students participate in the mid-term evaluation and seminar & exhibition.

5. Shall monitor the progress of the project and utilization of the funds released.

6. Make sure the project team submits the synopsis and softcopy of the project reports in the stipulated time.

7. Shall submit the utilization certificate and statement of expenditure for the sponsored projects in the format provided by KSCST within the stipulated date (will be intimated).

Instructions to the students:

  1. Once the project gets selected and sponsored by KSCST, any changes in the title of the project will not be allowed and shall not deviate from the identified objectives.
  2. Any changes in the project guide shall be intimated to KSCST by prior approval from the Head of the Department (HoD)/The Principal. The request for the same shall be made by the HoD / The Principal to spp@kscst.org.in
  3. Any changes in the project team (students) will not be allowed.
  4. Once selected by KSCST, the team shall make sure the project synopsis and report (only softcopy) are submitted within the stipulated dates (will be intimated in later stages).
  5. Participation in the mid-term/nodal center evaluation and seminar & exhibition is mandatory for the selected project teams.
  6. The sanctioned projects will have a unique project reference number allotted by KSCST. Please use the same reference number while corresponding with KSCST by email to spp@kscst.org.in
  7. Google Forms shall be filled with utmost care. SPP Coordinator details shall be collected from your institutions before filling the Google Forms.

How to apply:

The project proposals are accepted in the form of softcopy by GOOGLE FORM. Do not send the hardcopy of the proposals. Non-submission of project proposals through Google Forms shall not be considered for the evaluation process.

Steps to follow:

Step 1:

Download and prepare the following .doc files (3) available on the website.

Project Proposal Format (Prepare pdf file from MS Word file)

Declaration form by the project team and endorsement by institution (2 pages)

Processing fee form (1 page)

Step 2:

Pay the processing fee of Rs. 1000/- (Rupees one thousand only) by NEFT / UPI payment mode. You may also use QR Code for making payment.

Bank account details of KSCST are available in the last page of project proposal format and can be downloaded from the website.

The transaction details (a receipt of an online payment made) shall be uploaded on Google Form.

Step 3:

1. Fill the project proposal format, convert to pdf and upload the pdf of the same in the Google Form

File name should be "01_Title of the Project" and file size should be less than 3 MB

2. Fill the Declaration form by the project team and endorsement by the institution (2 pages) and get it duly signed by respective authorities as mentioned in the form. Upload the scanned pdf file of the same in the Google Form

Syntax for the file name "02_Title of the Project_declaration_endorsement" and file size should be less than 1 MB

3. Fill the processing fee form and get it duly signed by respective authorities as mentioned in the form. Upload the scanned pdf file of the same in the Google Form

Syntax for the file name "03_Title of the Project_Processing Fee" and file size should be less than 1 MB

Step 4:

Fill the Google form and upload the 3 pdf files as mentioned above.

The Google form shall be filled using Gmail ID only.

Once the Google Forms are submitted, no changes can be made or allowed. Hence fill with utmost care.

Google Forms link: https://forms.gle/mE8Q4pM2nwZQuHbi9

The project sanction letter for the sponsored projects will be sent to the principal of the institution with copies to the team leader, Project guide and Head of the Department (by email).

The sanctioned amount will be transferred to the account provided by the institute.

During the Seminar and Exhibition, the "Best Project of the Year Award" will be presented to the outstanding projects with a cash prize (for both Students and Project Guides) and certificates to all participants of the Seminar and Exhibition on the day of event.

KSCST sponsored project details from 1977-78 to 2014-2015, and SPP Projects Compendium up to the 45th Series of SPP information is available online on the KSCST website as "SPREAD Online". The abstract and full version of 7 years reports is also available. This provides students, with information on completed projects, and problems / gaps in technology to develop a project, references and avoid duplication.


The details of the Awarded projects are hosted in the KSCST - SPP Website.

http://www.kscst.iisc.ernet.in/spp.html or https://www.kscst.org.in/spp.html

The project report details can also be obtained from


Kindly visit our website www.kscst.org.in/spp.html or https://kscst.karnataka.gov.in/en for further details and announcements.

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