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Annual Report : 2019-20 

Activities of Regional Centre, Kalaburagi

Progress of activities as on December 2017

Progress of activities as on March 2017

Progress of activities as on November 2016






In order to address the local specific problems of Hyderabad Karnataka region of the state using Science and Technology interventions, KSCST has established Regional centre at Kalaburagi during 2014-15. It was felt necessary to prepare S& T activities for the development of North-Karnataka region and to establish links between head office at Bengaluru and to co-ordinate with local organizations of the region to work out Science and Technology interventions to address the local specific issues. Initially the regional centre started to work from the Regional Commissioner's office premises and at present the regional centre is located in the VTU Regional Centre Campus, 2nd Floor, Administrative Block, Prashanth Nagar, Kusnoor Road, Kalaburagi.

Since inception the Regional centre has been carrying out the various activities to address the local specific issues based on the locally available resources and has been conducting the various activities since inception of the regional centre.


With this background, the State Council has initiated the activities of the Regional centre with the following objectives:

To identify area for the application of Science and Technology to the developmental needs objectives and goals of North-Karnataka, and in particular, to the prevailing conditions of backwardness, rural unemployment and poverty.

To advise the region on the formulation of policies and measures, including technical, administrative and legal devices, which will promote such application to identified needs, objectives and goals in particular to water, health, energy, education, information technology and human resources utilization with special emphasis on the development of human skills in the rural and urban areas, which will promote the scientific management of the natural resources of the region.

To promote effective co-ordination and to develop faster communication and other links between centres of scientific and technological research, Government agencies, NGO's and industries, so that promising Research and Development work is initiated, promoted and effectively deployed in the area of agriculture, industry, Government and elsewhere.

To initiate, support and co-ordinate applied research and development programmes in Universities and other institutions in the areas identified to be specifically suitable for the application of Science and Technology in the region.


In order to identify the local specific problems and plan the activities of the Council in the Kalaburagi revenue division and to expose the officials of the division about the activities pursued by KSCST, the Council conducted a regional workshop during September 2014, where in the concerned officials from different departments, academicians and representatives of NGOs from all districts of Kalaburagi region participated and local specific problems were discussed at length to chalk out the activities of the region for future. It was also decided to address the issues outlined in Prof.Nanjundappa committee report in order to address the local specific problems prevailing in the region.

Accordingly the Council started proposing the activities of the regional centre in the following areas;

- Water

- Energy

- Education

- Socio-economy

- Health

- Environment and ecology

- Alternative Construction Materials

- ICT tools in Planning

- Outreach Programs, etc.,

For further details contact:

Chief Scientific Officer, KSCST, Bengaluru-560012
Email: utv@kscst.iisc.ernet.in, vijayut@yahoo.in

Team members:
Anil Kumar Bhasme
Bhimsen L Kulkarni

Karnataka State Council for Science and Technology
KSCST Regional Centre, VTU Regional centre campus,
Prashanth Nagar, Kusnoor Road, Kalaburagi - 585105
Email: kscst.rcg@gmail.com, Ph: 08472-265650







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