Karnataka State Spatial Data Infrastructure (KSSDI)



Principal Investigator


Mr. H. Hemanth Kumar



Mr. S. N. Sondur



Dr. U. T. Vijay



Development of geospatial web applications on Karnataka Geoportal for
G-governance (KSSDI Phase II Project)

Strength of Karnataka NRDMS program formed the basis for setting up of 1st State Geoportal of the country in Karnataka and in the year 2009 a web based geo-portal was developed to acquire, process, store, distribute and improve the utilization of geo spatial data in the state of Karnataka. This portal provides access to a seamless geospatial data to the user community, namely, government, non-government and general public. In the 2nd phase of the program the focus is on demonstrating the utility of the Geoportal and its services in various Geo Spatial application requirements of two State Line Departments/Sectors. An R&D project costing around Rs. 71 lakhs has been sanctioned to KSCST by Department of Science and Technology, Government of India to develop web based geospatial applications/decision support system for selected schemes of Watershed and Health Departments to support G-governance on Karnataka Geoportal platform. The Karnataka state is bearing Rs. 21 lakhs of the overall cost of the project.

Major Objectives:

Development of web based geospatial applications for Karnataka Watershed Development Department for monitoring and evaluation of IWMP projects and health sector (linking with HMIS).

Institutional mechanism for Karnataka Geoportal to facilitate spatial datasets from concerned Line Departments to the monitoring, evaluation and formulation of developmental programmes/ schemes (IWMP, HMIS etc.,) in watershed and health sectors.

The activities pursued by the council are given below.

i. Upgradation of OGC certified software to latest version

ii. Upgradation of existing Karnataka Geoportal Application to latest version.

iii. Development of additional modules on Geoportal and Mobile application, as mentioned above.

iv. Portal maintenance for 2 years.

Deliverables by the end of December 2014

Multi-spatial and multi attribute query and analysis. Applications/queries can be identified and implemented by retrieving data from a federal set of sources dynamically on the fly.

The system should allow different levels of business logics to be embedded to allow different application requesting for the same set of information in different way; as per the needs and requests.

Access the application via the desktop or a mobile device i.e., each user should be able to access the same application (with necessary credentials, where applicable) on desktop or a mobile device.

Mobile compatibility: the solution to be extended over mobiles, tablets, and handhelds.

Access to a seamless database at cadastral level. The geo-referenced public assets (Point / Polygon / line data) created by state can be shown on cadastral layer (telescopic view) and updation of public assets could be made the responsibility of the individual states.

The portal developed to accommodate mostly all types of user and states may populate database and when they are ready or date is available.

To allow crowd sourced data through various devices with online connectivity. User will be online for them to perform crowd-sourcing.

Allow viewing information over Google, Bing, OSM, Bhuvan, etc.

Allow online editing of the data: Authorized departments to be made responsible for online editing of data.

Provision to view the versioned raster data as time-series: user can select a layer and view changes over the web application through a time series slider through a workflow.

Allow multi-lingual search, query and view. If the database stores the field’s second language, then the solution should be able to consider it through necessary configurations.

Print functionality: the application to be print customized template of various sizes (A0 – A4) to any user defined scale along with feature attribute and dynamic legends.

The system should support different interfaces and web-services as OGC WMS, OGC WFS, OGC WFS-T, OGC CS-W, KML, GeoRSS, SLD and GML.

The system should automatically harvest the metadata and should be able to translate metadata definition of spatial data to ISO 19115 standard.

Progress Upto March 2015

Progress Upto February 2016

Progress Upto November 2016



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